All credit products should be capped at 48% interest.

5Payday lenders enjoy an exclusion from the cap on interest and fees in the National Credit Act that is applied to finance greater than $5,000. While payday loans are regulated in terms of the interest and fees charged, these loans can attract comparison interest rates between 112% and 407%. These high costs trap Australians into an ongoing debt cycle, perpetuating hardship.

The cost difference is significant. Typically, for every $100 borrowed for 30 days, $124 needs to be repaid. Compare this to a $100 cash advance on an 18% per annum credit card, where around $101.50 will be due after 30 days. All credit should be treated the same, and capped at no more than 48% per annum.

Find out more about the true cost of payday loans

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