Invest $800 million to extend Community Legal Centres, Legal Aid and independent Financial Counselling services.

12This is not just the sector asking for more money – the Productivity Commission has recommended an annual boost in legal assistance services funding by $200M to meet the growing need for services. In part, this is because unresolved legal issues simply end up costing Government more in the long run.

This is at odds with the current 5-year National Partnership Agreement that will see community legal centres lose 30 per cent of their Federal funding from July 2017. Additional funding for financial counselling would mean we could provide the equivalent of one counsellor for every 2,000 people in financial difficulty.

The case for increased investment in Community Legal Centres, Legal Aid and independent Financial Counselling services can be found in our submission into The Treasury’s budget development for financial year 2016-17.

Please check out Community Law Australia for more information, a fantastic new campaign from the National Association of Community Legal Centres.

Policy contact: Mick Bellairs: 03 9670 5088 –

Media contact: Jonathan Brown: 0413 299 567 –

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